The Cottage Stay

GanGaur Accommodation

Nestled in the paradise like canopy of neem tress these cottages aim to give a luxury stay in a farm-like setting. The cottage-stay at GanGaur includes 6 en-suite cottages with a cozy sit out in the front. They come with a promise of calmness and tranquility with just the sounds of birds and nature surrounding you.

Escape from the city-life and soak-in the best of nature right here. A day’s stay would make you feel as if time has stopped still! To live in the moment…consider living here.

While sitting out in nature under the vast expanse of the blue skies you can expect a treat of idyllic views. In addition to enjoying more privacy you can have an out of the world experience with a good book, some music, and just sipping a cup of piping hot tea or coffee. At GanGaur you’ll be treated to glorious, uninterrupted views and virtually no sign of habitation for acres and acres.