One With Nature

Nature is a space of awakening. It is a place where you can be with yourself, away from the hustle-bustle of the fast-paced city life. The breath-taking natural surroundings of the estate are a comforting escape from the mundane life.

Evening Tea Coffee Snacks by Riverside (Sun Downer Point)

Request a comforting Tea-time at the Mahi and we’re there to lay is out for you. Enjoy a quaint sunset with high-tea while you’re staying with us at the farm.

Night Trails in the revines of Sindhrot

The night-time trek through the ravines of the Mahi is an experience to delve into. The ravines surround the property and are a great way for sighting the wildlife in their natural habitat. These have to be requested before-hand.


Bonfire nights are a great way to re-connect be it family, friends or colleagues. Ask for our bon-fire set-up and enjoy the night away with music, some chatter or just quietly connecting with nature.


Water relaxes like no other element so cool into the pool. Slide into the splash pool to get a respite from the summer heat or organize a refreshing poolside party.

River Trail / Hikking

We have curated walks and treks into the woods surrounding the estate, locally called the kotars.  You can go birding here and most guests will tend to spot herds of blue bulls along the way.

Nature Walk

On a fresh morning after a night-stay you can go on a refreshing walk down to the river. A 2 KM walk through the fields or alternatively through the little village will take you on a memorable journey witnessing some of the most basic sights. Birding is an unforgettable experience you will enjoy along the way.

Bird Photography / Bird Sighting

Being close to the river Mahi, Gangaur provides a great opportunity for birding. Nature enthusiasts fond of bird photography or just bird watching can sight around 84 species of birds found in the area in the wee hours of the early morning.

Cultural program on request

For those who want to experience what a village life looks like, a walk into the nearby hamlet has been curated. This is available on request especially for the room guests in Gangaur.

Sleeping Under the Sky

Reminiscing the good old days when you could sleep on your terrace and enjoy the night sky. Today life in the city does not provide an opportunity to bask in the soothing light of the stars. Keeping that in mind a special experience is designed at Gangaur where you can sleep under the starry skies and have a memorable night.